Housewarming Program

Stay Warm Save Money 

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We would like to thank everyone that participated and was part of this wonderful project. We reached our quota in late October and have finished the program. 1160 homes all over Tasmania benefited from the program. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive.

Join us and take advantage of this FREE SERVICE to help save money on your power bills and live an energy efficient lifestyle

What you need to do

 Call us: 1300 784 850

Email us

  •  If you are a private rental tenant you must get permission from your landlord . We can help organise this for you.
  •  You must be over 18 and live in Tasmania

List of FREE UPGRADES to your home

 The list of upgrades that might take place on your property are listed in the below table. This will depend on the assessment done by the home energy assessors. There are some elements of this programme that will remain with the household and others that might be taken by the tenant. The home energy assessors will give you detailed information of which of these upgrades will apply to your home after they carry out their assessment at your property.