Our heated bodywarmers & heated jackets come with a powerbank

Unlike cheaper and lesser quality alternatives, our heated jackets & heated bodywarmers come with a powerbank

As the snow falls and temperatures drop, there are plenty of heated jackets, heated bodywarmers and other heated apparel for sale across the internet.

The prices vary and may be appealing at first glance, but there are plenty of inferior products out there. Some look the same as our products for a fraction of the price.  But on closer inspection, they are not the same and customers need to be aware of the main differences before purchasing a cheaper alternative.

Here are the reasons why you should choose our products instead of cheap alternatives:

  • Our heated bodywarmers and heated jackets have an intelligent heating control system to prevent you from overheating
  • Cheaper products include 2 heating zones, our heated jackets and heated bodywarmers have 8 heating zones
  • Our heated bodywarmers and heated jackets include a powerbank
  • Our heating zones warm the lower abdomen, the lower back, the centre of the back, the shoulder blades, and the neck
  • Our heated jackets feature a detachable hood
  • Our heated bodywarmers and heated jackets are manufactured with carbon fibre heating elements which are washing machine safe
  • Our heated bodywarmers and heated jackets are lightweight, durable, comfortable, and waterproof
  • Our powerbanks are manufactured specifically for our heated products. They have been tested to UN38.3 standards by an approved independent testing laboratory to ensure they do not rupture, leak, disassemble or catch fire
  • Our heated products have RoHS certificates and EMC certificates meaning they are safe for you to use

Stay Warm Save Money undertook extensive research into manufacturers for our heated bodywarmers and heated jackets. We wanted to make sure we were providing our customers with the best product available from reputable manufacturers, with many years of experience producing heated apparel.

Cheaper alternatives will not come with a powerbank or battery pack, so you would have to purchase this separately. Sourcing your own comes with a risk, especially because most powerbanks are designed to charge electronic devices like smartphones and tablets.

Stay Warm Save Money provide high quality products to anyone in the UK who is looking to reduce consumer costs and their energy bills.

We are 100% customer-focused and totally engaged with only providing superior quality products. We use reputable manufacturers that have over 10 years’ experience in heated apparel.

Visit the staywarmsavemoney.com shop for more information on our full heated product range, and stay warm this winter.